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Does Mouth Breathing Cause Dental Problems?

Sleeping with your mouth open is often linked to snoring, but does mouth breathing cause dental problems too? If you’re guilty of this unconscious habit, you may be affecting your oral health. What causes mouth breathing at night? While most people breathe in and out through their noses, there are those who are known as […]

Best Treatments for Teeth Sensitivity

If a sip of hot tea or a taste of ice cream makes you wince, you may be suffering from teeth sensitivity. According to the Academy of General Dentistry, about 40 million Americans experience some form of tooth sensitivity. So, if brushing or flossing has been causing you some pain, you’re not alone. Teeth sensitivity […]

Report Finds Dentists Are Reporting a Low Rate of COVID-19: Here’s Why

If you’ve been wondering if it’s safe to go to the dentist during a pandemic, this may help. A new survey by the American Dental Association shows that dentists are reporting a low rate of COVID-19. In fact, less than 1 percent of dentists nationwide have tested positive for COVID-19. This result is far below […]

What Your Tongue Can Tell You About Your Health

As a kid, we used it to express our displeasure with something or someone. We often use it to wipe up dripping ice cream cones. And it’s a great taste tester to help us ward off bitter foods. What is it? Our tongue. And without it, we couldn’t eat or talk. But did you know […]

Top 10 Vitamins For Healthy Teeth

Having a healthy diet is not just good for your weight, muscles, and skin; it is also vital for oral health as well. It may be surprising to you, however, there are many foods you can eat that are good for your teeth and gums! These foods contain vitamins your mouth needs to stay healthy […]

Top Five Foods to Avoid For Your Teeth

It is no secret that what we eat directly affects our oral health. When you are trying to eat healthy to benefit your teeth, it is important to know what kinds of foods to avoid. Below are the top five worst kinds of foods for your teeth. Acidic foods. Acid wears away at your enamel. […]